Why not provide an api to import a rotationless schedule?


Hi all,

I am rather new to this tool but as we try to use it in our teams we need more flexibility about rotations.
Our issues with simply rotations:

  • Availability of team members " Handle teammate availability when generating schedule" (unfortunately nothing happened there)
  • Laws in different countries regarding maximum work time and duty times.
  • Some colleagues might even want more on duty times as it is monetarily rewarded while others might want less on duty times. And of cause there should be some kind of fairness which is not necessarily that everybody has the same amount of time slots.

To solve this for our team I hacked down a few constraints and a optimisation function in an LP-Solver yesterday. Now I am thinking about importing the resulting schedule into OpsGenie and had to find out that it is necessary to define something called rotations and overrides.

Why can’t I just import a schedule with no (automatic)-rotations but explicitly assigned time slots much like the export structure when calling GET https://api.opsgenie.com/v2/schedules/alp63592-dbd2-4ca3-a651d-48fhf5j5c871/timeline?expand=base,forwarding,override (under baseTimeline).

What options do I have right now?

  • Create an rotation for each time slot which has only one team member for a few hours. (That might be around 160 rotations per month.)
  • Create one rotation assigned to No-One and import everything as overrides. Here we will lose the capability to see overrides in the UI as when someone wants to override an override then the old override is not shown. (I think it is still there as it is shown again when the overriding override is removed.)

Or do you have a better suggestion?



Hi Frowin - we do have some feature requests in the queue for more customization around schedules. Really cool idea using a Linear Program to create a schedule based on the various constraints in your users’ on-call time. It would be nice to be able to upload a “custom” rotation, with all different shift lengths, start/end times so you could use something like this. Hopefully we will be able to build this functionality into the platform, which would allow you to upload these custom schedules via API.