Whitelisting client phone numbers


We have configured and are successfully utilizing OpsGenie for multiple client accounts for our Support department. Recently, however, we have received what appears to have been a couple wrong number calls from non-client callers. For the live call that was received the caller only spoke Spanish, and our on-call agent did not. As such, we were unable to discern how the caller got the OpsGenie number. Again, we assume it was just a misdialed number.

To avoid this scenario in the future, I am planning to ask each of our clients for their phone numbers so that we can whitelist those specific numbers in the tool; all other calls would be blacklisted. That isn’t an ideal solution, since A) I’d rather allow our clients to not have to share their phone numbers for privacy purposes, and B) a legitimate client might need to place an OpsGenie call from a number outside of the whitelist, so I thought that I would first pose the question to the OpsGenie Community to see if there are any alternative recommendations/configurations.


Hi Randy!

Sorry for the late reply on this. Unfortunately there’s no way to explicitly black/whitelist certain numbers and prevent them from connecting within Incoming Call. You can add the number to the “Ignore” alert action in the integration but that will only prevent the alert from being generated - it won’t prevent the call from being forwarded to on-call users.

However, we do have an open feature request for this sort of functionality right now. If you come into our chat support and provide your email, I’d be happy to add you to the request so you’re notified if/when we add that into the platform.

One last option, depending on what sorts of unwanted calls you’re getting, would be to delete the current incoming call integration and create a new one with a new number. This would probably help most if you think a lot of the calls are looking for an old business that used your current number (but probably not for the misdialed number case).


Thanks for the reply and information, Robert. I will connect with Support via chat to provide my email address for notification of that feature, if and when.