"Vacation Mode" feature suggestion


Being able to schedule alert forwarding is great, but there is no way to be selective about which alerts are forwarded. While the feature to apply conditions to those forwarding rules would be nice, I’d love to see the ability to schedule vacation mode that would cause all alerts to automatically escalate to the next step in the escalation policy, as if the user invoked the “escalate to next” action.

We have users who participate in multiple teams and are responsible for a variety of systems. A blanket forwarding rule is too broad, and selectively creating on-call schedule overrides is a lot of administrative work. Having a vacation mode option would make it painless to ensure alerts are responded to as quickly as possible by whoever is next in line to be notified.



Hi Jonny,

I think you have a great idea! You are correct that the forwarding rules do not allow to you to define filter conditions. I will go ahead and file an RFE for your suggestion.

Thank you for helping us improve our platform :+1:

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Cheers, glad to hear it! From my point of view the proposed “vacation mode” feature would be a higher priority than being able to apply conditions to forwarding rules, but both would be handy.



Hi Jonny,

Thank you for your reply! I should have clarified that I am creating two RFE’s for your idea. I forgot to include that the “Vacation Mode” idea will be its own separate ticket.

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Hi Jeff,

Will this feature be available in near future?



Hi Oleg,

Thank you for your interest! This is something that I plan on bringing up with the team. I will get back to you with an update.



Hi Oleg,

The “vacation mode” feature is not on any planned sprint at this time. I will provide updates as the product team reviews requests.

Thank for reaching out as this helps us see what interests our community.




Hi Jeff,

I’m disappointed to hear that some form of ‘Vacation mode’ is not being looked into and introduced into the product.
We have an ‘Ops Team’ with a number of people in that team.
The ‘Ops Team’ participate in an ‘On-Call’ rota and this is easily added into OpsGenie as a Rotation in a Schedule.

Outside of working hours, as per design, when an alert comes in that needs to go to the on-call person we can successfully notify the right person and escalate where necessary if they do not respond to the notification.
If someone who is on-call goes on Holiday/Vacation, then someone else will step-in and cover their on-call. This situation is successfully handled by the ‘Override’ capability in the Schedule. We can plan this in ahead of time as soon as their Holiday/Vacation is approved and the swapping of on-call is agreed.

During the working hours however we have a different situation (and we are still trying to figure out how we are going to build the necessary Schedule(s) and or Rotation(s) to achieve this - either way we believe we need some form of ‘Vacation mode’ solution to deal with it).

The ‘Ops Team’ has people rostered on an ‘Early’ shift (07:00-15:30) and some on a ‘Day’ shift (09:00-17:30). Also the person who was just on-call the previous week, on the following Monday, they have a ‘Lieu day’, essentially a day off.

Now, when an alert comes in that needs notifying, during the day we would like to notify the on-call person, but also notify the wider ‘Ops Team’ but we only want to notify them when they are on-shift. We also do not want to ‘double-notify’ the on-call person, nor, on a Monday, do we want to notify the person who is on their ‘Lieu day’. We also do not want to notify anyone who may have booked Holiday/Vacation. If a person is not On-Call during their Holiday/Vacation, there is no need to provide an ‘Override’ person for them so how do we ‘remove’ that person from any schedule for the duration of their Holiday/Vacation. This could be anywhere from a half day, right up to a number of months (for Maternity or other special cases). Using ‘Quiet Hours’, we can only apply this at a certain time due to the configurations being limited to ‘Day’ and ‘Time’ and not ‘Dates’.

We want to achieve all this with as few Schedules & Rotations as possible so as to make administering this as pain free as possible.

Any ideas anyone please?

Also, please, please, can some form of ability to exclude people from being notified be introduced, other than using the current limited functionality of Quiet Hours.




Yes, I find it weird that there is no “PTO” mode in OpsGenie for those who want to go on vacations, or need surgeries, or family emergencies. Not planning for this feature is odd a well. Do OpsGenie employees not have “PTO”?

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Any traction on this request? This is critical to my teams and my company’s use of the product.



Has any one found a solution or idea for this?



Hi Mike!

We do have a feature called “forwarding rules” which you can use to forward alerts to a specific user for some period of time:

We also have an open feature request for an explicit “vacation mode” that has a little more flexibility for things like specifying more than one user, forward alerts to a schedule, etc.

If/when we get that implemented we will follow up here in this post, but for 99% of cases I think the forwarding rules (or manually overriding the schedule for one-off cases) should accomplish what you’re looking for.

Hope this helps!

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Forwarding rules are scoped to use a user as recipient only; we cannot forward notifications to escalation policy instead of a specific user. If you allow doing that, then it will solve the vacation problem.