User role access to users list


We have users who, due to the nature of the alert/problem, need to reach someone that may be in another group or team. By default the User role cannot see other users nor their contact information. This can be accommodated by setting up a custom role and giving that role Admin Read Only. The problem is that is too much information. Would like to be able to add specific admin access, like read only all users. At the very least not have settings included in that selection.

Is this something that is possible now and I am just not seeing it? If not I’d like to suggest more granularity in what can be assigned to custom roles with respect to these settings.

Steve F


Hi @Stephen_Fowler,

Usually, organizations are setting up a complete on-call logic for each of their teams in Opsgenie. With that, there is always someone who’s available for a particular issue. When a user is having difficulties and needs to loop in someone else from another team, it is recommended to use the Add Team action on the alert. That will trigger the team’s predefined rule set and will - most of the time - alert the on-call person in that team. This way, you can speed up the process and the users don’t really need to know (other than the team name) who to loop in.

We understand that building out such logic might be slow to implement or not possible - that is why we also have the “Who’s On-Call” menu and every user can access that. It will show every single schedule on the account and the name (and contacts) for the on-call person in each of these.

Alternatively, there is a “Directory” menu in the mobile app, where any user can look up the contacts for all other users on the account.

Do you think any of these options can suffice for now?