Use Case 4: OpsGenie + Dynatrace AppMon + Slack + Zendesk in action!


  • OpsGenie has ready to use integrations with hundreds of monitoring systems. When these monitoring systems notice any problem, OpsGenie alerts can be created to notify the right people.

  • From these alerts, OpsGenie supports creating and managing Zendesk tickets automatically. All alert updates such as alert acknowledgment and new note addition can be synched with Zendesk by OpsGenie automatically.

  • Your team can get the incident updates from OpsGenie through collaboration tools such as Slack, too. They can then take actions to resolve the incident and communicate it with others from within Slack, just by typing a slash command.

Want to try these yourself? Learn how to use the playground!

Instructions on how to use the playground for this use case:

Scenario Generator:

  1. Access our Scenario Generator app from

  2. The scenarios simulate real life problems for easyTravel applications which Dynatrace monitors.

  3. Click on “Select a scenario” button and then pick one of the easyTravel scenarios listed here. After selecting a time period for the scenario, you can start it.

Dynatrace AppMon:

  1. After starting an easyTravel scenario, you can see what is happening in easyTravel apps from the dashboards Dynatrace AppMon provides.

    • You can use the following credentials to access read-only dashboards:
      username: opsgenie-guest
      password: opsgenie-guest
  2. Incidents are created under the incident rules defined before in AppMon while the scenario is running.

  3. Alerts/Incidents are created in OpsGenie whenever an incident is created in AppMon. Associated alerts are consolidated under the incident in OpsGenie.

  4. When alert/incident is acknowledged in OpsGenie, the status of the corresponding AppMon incident is set to “In Progress”.

  5. When an alert is closed in OpsGenie, the corresponding incident in AppMon is confirmed.


  1. Access our test Zendesk account from here.

    • You can use the following credentials to access Zendesk;
      password: ogdemo
  2. The alert/incident created by AppMon integration will create a ticket in Zendesk.


  1. In order to use our playground’s Slack, you need to create a Slack account and join our Slack channel using that account. Please click the link below (link is only visible for loggedin users) so that we can send you a Slack invitation email. Note that you are required to take this action just once!

Invite me to Slack

  1. After signing up to Slack, you can use this link to enter the Slack channel.

  2. A message for the alert/incident created by Dynatrace AppMon integration will be sent to the Slack channel.

  3. You can ack the alert/incident via Slack buttons or slash commands in Slack. Type “/genie ack [alert tiny id]” and press enter to acknowledge the alert/incident.

  4. Alert ack message is also sent to the Slack channel.

  5. Likewise, you can close the alert/incident by using Slack buttons or typing “/genie close [alert tiny id]". Alert/incident closure message will be sent to the Slack channel, too.