Use Case 1: OpsGenie + StatusPage + JIRA + HipChat in action!


Creating an alert from an issue tracking system and synchronizing & resolving it with collaboration, status page and alerting tools

  • OpsGenie’s JIRA integration enables your team to be notified through an issue’s entire lifecycle via iOS & Android push notifications, email, SMS, and phone calls. By leveraging OpsGenie’s on-call schedules, escalations and notification policies, you can ensure the right person is notified rapidly to respond to time sensitive issues.

  • Your team can get the incident updates from OpsGenie through collaboration tools such as HipChat, too. They can then take actions to resolve the incident and communicate it with others from within HipChat, just by typing a slash command.

  • You can configure OpsGenie’s StatusPage integration so that OpsGenie updates the affected service’s status page automatically. For example, you can configure the integration in a way that OpsGenie updates the status page with new incident information just after its alert is acknowledged in OpsGenie. Likewise, you can configure it to change the status page incident to resolved when the OpsGenie alert is closed. All configurable… :sunglasses:

Want to try these yourself? Learn how to use the playground!

Instructions on how to use the playground for this use case:

JIRA side:

  1. Access our test JIRA account from here
  2. Create an issue in JIRA.
  3. The issue you’ve created in JIRA will now create an alert in OpsGenie.

HipChat side:

  1. In order to use our playground’s HipChat, you need to create a HipChat account and join our HipChat room using that account. Please click the link below so that we can send you a HipChat invitation email. Note that you are required to take this action just once!

Invite me to HipChat

  1. After signing up to HipChat, you can use this link to enter the HipChat room.
  2. The alert created by the JIRA integration will be forwarded to HipChat.
  3. You need to go to the HipChat room, type “/genie exec createStatusPageIncident on [alert tiny id]” and hit the enter button to execute the custom action on the alert.
         i. [alert tiny id] is the tiny ID of the alert that can be found on the message that OpsGenie sent to HipChat.

StatusPage side:

  1. Access our test StatusPage account from here.
  2. After the “createStatusPageIncident” action is executed on the alert created by the JIRA integration, an incident will be created on Atlassian StatusPage.
  3. You can click here to see the incident on Atlassian StatusPage.

To see how OpsGenie orchestrates incident response, in the playground, you can take additional actions such as closing and acknowledging an OpsGenie alert, too. The integrations for this use case are configured to update the Atlassian services with such additional action (i.e. closing the OpsGenie alert changes the JIRA issue’s status to RESOLVED as well…). Just give it a try! :star:


The “Invite me to HipChat” button doesn’t seem to be working. It doesn’t appear to be a clickable object on this page.


Thanks for reaching out Tim. After investigating, it turned out that an update in discourse (our forum software) is causing this. We will fix the links ASAP and will let you know.


Hi Tim, we fixed the problem. Now, you should be able to click the “Invite me to HipChat” link. Can you please try it again?