Set/Change time format per user to 24h time



I am a (Very) new OpsGenie user - I am seeking to change the timeformat in app to 24hour time (i.e 13:00 rather than 1:00 PM) but I can’t spot how to and my Google skills are failing me.

I would like to do this at a per user level as some of my colleagues prefer 12 hour time (after 15 odd years in operations, I need the clarity that comes with 24hour time)

Thank you!



Hi Chris,

Good news is, you can do this very easily through your Profile settings! There is a setting called “Locale” which drives how the date formats are displayed for your account. The bad news, that it’s not the most straightforward setting as it is asking for the country/language instead of formats.

You could give the “English (United Kingdom)” setting a try, that will display the date like “09-Jan-2018 16:06” instead of your current version, which probably looks like this: “09/01/2018 4:06 PM”.

In short, head over to the "My Profile" menu, click "Edit Profile" and select a new "Locale".


That’ll do! thank you, I’m in Australia but that’ll do fine.