[Samsung] Custom notification sounds on Android Oreo



After a recent software update (applied 2018-06-15) on my Galaxy S7, the Ops Genie notifications settings were “disturbed”. I sorted out most of the settings except for the notification sound.

  • I can only select sounds from the phone’s “notification sounds”.
  • I can no longer select any sounds from the phone’s available “ring tones”.
  • There is no option to create a custom sound to use for notifications.

This is a problem because the phone’s “notification sounds” are inadequate for waking a heavy sleeper in the middle of the night. I want my alerts to be jarring and annoying - not the slight whimper of a new text message.

Please let me know what other information you need from me to help trouble shoot this problem


Hey Joe,

It’s not really connected to our App - the latest Android version, Oreo, takes back the notifications and it’s settings to the system level. I won’t have access to a Samsung phone during the weekend, but I can share some pointers how it supposed to work on an unmodified Android.

Instead of setting the sounds in the application, clicking on the Notification Rules/Sounds/rulename will bring up a settings page from Settings/Apps & Notifications/OpsGenie/App Notifications. This is the new place to edit notifications for each of your notification rules in OpsGenie.

Here, when you click on the Sound button, the list of available sounds should show up with a last option: “+Add Ringtone”. I believe that is the one you are looking for.

Can you check, if it’s there for Samsung as well?


Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your quick response. I guess I should have been explicit on where I was accessing the notification settings. I wasn’t from the Web app, but on the phone app navigating the way you described. I also tried navigating from the phone’s settings menu: Settings -> Notifications -> OpsGenie -> New Alert -> Immediately -> Sound.

What I’m seeing is as I originally described it: I can only choose from the “notification” sounds not from the “ringtone” sounds. There is no option to add a ringtone or sound.

I can navigate Settings -> Sounds and vibration -> Ringtone -> Add to add a ringtone, but there is no option to associate that with an application.

One thing to note is that we are each describing sightly different Settings navigation paths (names don’t quite match). I don’t know how significant of a clue that is.

If it helps any, my phone carrier is Verizon. I would hope they wouldn’t customize the OS in a fundamental way, but who knows with them.


Hey Joe,

Due to the different distributions of Android (like Samsungs), it’s hard to say whether they removed the option to add a custom ringtone to selected applications, or it’s just somewhere else in the system. For me, it would be an acceptable logic that Samsung actually expects the custom “notification” sound file to be added somewhere else first, which would make it appear in the list when trying to customize the sound for OpsGenie. Do you think something like that exists on your phone? Maybe a folder when you connect your phone to your computer? :thinking:

Now, of course, this is purely guessing - I’ll pick a Samsung up on Monday and try to find a way! :slight_smile: Hope that’s not too late!



I think I figured it out! :slight_smile: Do you have the actual sound files?

My initial suspicion was correct: you can use the folder system to add custom music/sound files to the list of notification sounds available.

Just copy your sound file to the My Files -> Internal Storage -> Notifications folder. I would assume there is some sort of built-in file browser on the phone itself.

This is still just guessing, mostly from articles I’ve found on Google. Can you give this a try, and let us know if it worked/not worked?


Thanks for getting back with me. Unfortunately, I cannot find any of the ringtone or notification files using the on phone file browser. I will try again this evening when I can hook it up to my computer and let you know how it goes.


Hey Joe,

It’s actually an empty folder. You’ll need to drop any custom sound files you have there to make it appear in the list.

Go for the Apps menu >> My Files >> Internal Storage and there must be a Notifications folder (empty). I’m not fully sure, but content on the internet leading me to believe that’s the place to add custom stuff. After that, it should be selectable through the OpsGenie app settings.


I also figured out how to add a custom ringtone (in case you want to select that for OpsGenie voice notifications). Head over to contacts -> click on the OpsGenie contact -> Edit on the top -> View more on the bottom -> Ringtone -> This selector has actually an ADD button on the top.

Please note this is a Ringtone, and probably can not be used for notifications from apps, but I thought it’s good to know! :slight_smile: