Route incoming calls directly to voicemail


Hi everyone, not really sure if it is possible, but I have a question regarding the incoming call routing feature. Can we directly route the calls to voicemail and forward these voicemails to our teams? We do not want to receive calls to our phones, we just want to listen the voicemails. Thanks!


Hi! This is Gökçe from OpsGenie, I think I can help with your question. You can route your incoming call directly to voicemail with a minor configuration change. As you would normally do, you can fill the ‘Forward Call To’ field with the team(s) you would like to route the voicemails to. Or if you would like to route the voicemail to different teams based on the key pressed, you can use the ‘Auto Attendant’ option and enter the teams for each key.

Once you have added the teams, you would need to navigate to the ‘Other Settings’ tab and change the notification option to ’Notify only if the caller leaves a voicemail’. Then, set the ‘How many users should be tried’ field to 0. This would prevent routing the actual call to someone and directly forward the call to voicemail. You can check the screenshot below as well.

To sum up:
1- Fill the ‘Forward Call To’ or the ‘Auto-Attendant’ field with the related team that you want to route the voicemail notifications to
2- In the ‘Other Settings’ tab, select 'Notify only if the caller leaves a voicemail’ option
3- Set ‘How many users should be tried:’ field to 0.

Note: When a voicemail is left, the related members of the team would be notified according to their ‘Incoming Call Routing’ Notification Rule, which can be configured from ‘My Profile’ page, ‘Notification’ tab. Please note that notification rules are user-based rules.

Hope this helps! :relaxed: