Remove tags on alert creation


We’re using the check_mk integration and every alert has at least 5 tags which are always the same. For example:

  • wato
  • ip-v4
  • lan
  • ip-v4-only
  • cmk-agent

Is where any way to delete those tags? This would make the reporting based on labels more useful.


Hi @winkelmann,

Currently, you can’t selectively remove tags from an alert, it’s either, “remove all tags” or “keep all tags”. If your tagging logic is not too extensive, that an option - separate create alert rules could remove all tags before alert creation, and add new ones to it.

However, I suspect that’s not the case and would be a less dynamic solution which is hard to scale in the future.

If you are heavily using CheckMK and will be adding new service/hosts in the future and need these 5 tags for any other reason outside of OpsGenie, I would advise to build a small script which handles this. Perhaps, a gateway+lambda solution is the best.

A webhook integration could trigger a lambda function whenever an alert is created through your checkmk integration (filter for source equals checkmk), and a small script could run a Remove Tags requests towards our REST API. It could remove all 5 tags in a single request:

That’s the only proper solution I can think of. Hope this helps!