Recommended mobile phone for Opsgenie


Could you please suggest the best platform (IOS or Android) and model of smartphone for Opsgenie (stability, notifications, battery life)?
Is there any difference between OpsGene IOS or Android mobile applications?
Please share your experience - planning to purchase corporate mobile phones for the team.

Thank you,


Please let me know if you faced any issues with iphone SE - need to make a decision quickly.

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Hi Anton,

This sort of thing really is going to come down to preference. If it helps, at least from the OpsGenie side, I don’t know of any issues specific to iPhone SE. We did just release the redesigned mobile app for iOS, so you would have access to that right away.

We do have a similar redesign in the works for our Android app - it just hasn’t been released yet. Both versions should have access to the same features once that’s out.

I know that probably doesn’t really give you much to base your decision off of, but the intent is to keep the experience the same no matter which platform you might be on. Please let me know if you have any questions on either!


Thank you Robert for the clarification!