Quiet Hours Undocumented Questions


Hi everyone,

I have a few quick questions on Quiet Hours. I’m very interested in getting the right set-up after I almost woke up my spouse at 3am due to testing alerts that were not nearly that severe. :slight_smile:

Question one: do quiet hours apply to incoming call routing? I would like them to not apply, but there’s no clear indication in the documentation about this interaction. As incoming call routing is treated somewhat differently throughout OpsGenie than normal alerts, it isn’t clear what is expected.

Question two: do notifications that would have come during quiet hours arrive when quiet hours end? eg. would my 3am notification appear at a much more reasonable 9am, or, would it be fully suppressed?




Hi Mathieu

Welcome to the OpsGenie forums! :slight_smile: The Incoming call integration is indeed treated usually in a different way as they are different in nature as well. In short, no, quite hours won’t apply to the actual call as it is not a notification but will suppress the notifications arriving due to the alert which is created when there is a caller.

Notifications received during the quiet hours period are simply suppressed, and there is no delay mechanism at this point. Theoretically, if you have a repeating escalation which keeps pointing to you, you could receive a notification in the morning once the quiet hours finished, but not a very popular configuration.

Delaying notifications are usually done on the global level through the Notification Policies. You can set up a rule based on creation time and/or alert content, and delay the notifications until the selected time. This is applied on the alert level though and cannot be set for a single user but is an efficient way to truly filter out low priority alerts during the night!

We are planning to bring these policies to the team level very soon which will enable you to select alerts more accurately with less of an impact (applied only for the team’s alerts)

Does this answer your questions? :slight_smile: Let me know if any of these could use a bit more details!