Providing Voice to OpsGenie Alerts



we have integrated OpsGenie with our monitoring control room. Every alert detected by OpsGenie now on, in addition to calling / notifying the relevant support teams, is also speaking loudly at all mates sitting in our control room.

Implementation is simple.

  1. From OpsGenie we are sending notification emails also to a special email account dedicated to TTS (Text To Speach) messages.
  2. A python script periodically checks the mailbox and retrieves any new message arrived.
  3. the script then sends the mail subject to our HTTP/TTS server running MaryTTS for text to speach conversion.
  4. the wav audio file returned is then executed/played as audio on the main monitor present in the control room.

Simple, almost free but giving amazing effect to stakeholders and providing effective and quick reaction from the support team.

Thanks OpsGenie !