Product Feature: Random On-Call Selection


We adopted OpsGenie a couple years ago after evaluating all of the options. The features that won us over were 1. Organizing people around teams 2. On-call rotations as short as 1 hour. The second feature allowed us to simulate a random on-call selection.

I now want to formally request Random On-Call as a feature. This would be a schedule where the whole team is on-call and one (or more) person(s) is notified at random.

Please be awesome and make this a thing.



Hi Theodore,

We were planning to add a new type of escalation step, which notifies a random person from a selected team. I believe that will cover your case perfectly. You’ll be able to create an escalation, which has an immediate step to notify someone randomly from the team, or you can have one which repeats this random notification step multiple times.

You’ll be able to trigger this via the routing rules (if you need it to function 24/7), or simply place it in a schedule as a participant. (I know this sounds strange, but escalation policies can be rotated in schedules) This way, you could - let’s say - use the random logic during business hours, and still, have a scheduled on-call person for the nights!

Not sure when exactly this will be released, but I’ve bumped up the priority on it and given, that it’s not a complex issue, I’m positive it will come this quarter! Keep an eye on the news! :slight_smile:

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You’re the best! I’m excited to see the new feature. Random notifications really work well for some of our teams.



Hi @Theodore_Cowan,

I’m happy to inform you that the new escalation type is now available. :slight_smile: With this, you can target random members of a team for your alerts.

We’ve added this function as an escalation step for the sake of flexibility. Let me explain through two examples, where this could be used:

1.) If you want entirely random alert distribution 24/7, you can simply create an escalation which has the “Notify random member of team X” as the immediate escalation step, and (via the Routing Rules) route all alerts to this escalation.

2.) If you want to have a random logic during business hours, but would like to keep a rotation of specific members for the nights, you can add an escalation policy with such a random escalation step as an on-call participant into your schedule. It would look something like this:

A couple of good-to-know details:

  • It is entirely random: if this escalation rule is repeated in the escalation policy, the same member might be notified consecutively.
  • If an escalation with such an immediate (0 min) rule is added to a schedule, the team itself will be considered as on-call. (schedule history)
  • If an escalation with such an immediate (0 min) rule is added to a schedule, none of the team members will be notified when the random on-call rotation starts/ends.

Please do let me know if you have any questions, would be happy to elaborate!

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Seems like our team could benefit from this feature - we would like each member of a team to be alerted in a random order. In other words, if the first member doesn’t answer the alert, it would be routed to the next random member, until all users in the team have been alerted.

We’re stuck with the issue where the random selection might alert the same user twice (they likely wouldn’t be able to take it the 2nd time either). Any plans to add uniqueness guarantee to the escalation?




Hi @mkcello96 we do have a feature request for a “round robin” type escalation rule, which I believe will satisfy what you’re looking for.



@Samir Thanks! Do you have any more details or a timeline on that?