Possible to have more than 1 email integration?


We have a team set up at the moment, with alerts being generated via the email integration.
I’d like to set up a second team, with a completely separate schedule and rotation, responding to different alerts sent to a different email address. But the email integrations page looks like it only supports a single integration - is that the case ? Or can I set up two completely independent email integrations ?



Hi Darren,

I’m not sure why the interface gave the impression it is limited - you can add unlimited email integrations, either, global (assigned to No Team) or team integrations as well.

Maybe you need to select a different name to the integration, as the address should be indeed unique.

Let me know if you still bump into problems and we can open a support chat conversations as well!


Thanks for the fast response Daniel. I will have another look at it.



Sorted. Not sure where I was going wrong - it’s quite straight forward :slight_smile:

Thanks again.