Panopta integration


Followed the steps here:

However, this seems to be out of date. Anyone have experience integrating Panopta? I’ve added OpsGenie to integrations, added the integration to an alert timeline, and simulated the alert. I can see in the alert log that it sends an alert event to the integration. However, nothing shows up in OpsGenie. My API URL and API Key match for both services. Did I miss something?


Hi Fred,

Did you check the Logs page in OpsGenie after you’ve triggered the event? Anything arriving to the URL with the key should create a log entry (at least a warning, even if there are errors for any reason). We can start from there!

Rule of thumb is - if you don’t find anything in the logs from Panopta, the endpoint didn’t receive anything, so something should be on the sender side. URL/Key is one of the more popular mistakes, but you mentioned you double checked that!