Notification when issue is deleted


So I have an integration that posts to a sns topic for most all of the interactions that can happen with an issue. But it looks like there is no way to notify when an issue has been deleted? I would be fine with other integrations like a webhook but all of the other integrations I have looked through do not cover the delete case.


Hi! You should try to reduce the usage of “delete” if possible. One thing I can think of for this case is to use “tags”. Maybe once an alert is closed, you can add a “deleted” (or call it whatever you want for your event) tag and do your custom thing on “tag added” evet.


I totally agree that deleting alerts is not correct but I can’t really stop users who don’t understand the ramifications of it from deleting alerts. Go go developers who think they know how things work… Unfortunately, I have to handle this as I can’t seem to find a way to disable deleting an alert. Especially since I need to allow these same uninformed users to be admins of their specific teams.

As long as there is a delete button on the alert that a user can hit, I still need to come up with a way to handle it. Which tags don’t seem like they would work. They just allow me to create a different transition like close would.

I guess I will have to create a reconciler process that handles this case since it’s not built into opsgenie.


Hi @mbroome,

There are two layers of roles in Opsgenie: global and team roles. A global “User” - by default - is unable to delete alerts. This permission is also available for custom user roles as well.

A user with the global “user” role can be still a team admin. That will permit her to manage the team’s configurations and team members, however, the alert handling will be still defined by their global role.

In short - you can take away the right to delete (you can simply set a User role for these people), while maintaining the permissions to manage the team itself.

Do you think this would work for you? If not - I can raise a feature request to add the Delete trigger for the outgoing SNS integration as well (just like our normal webhook integration).


On the “as long as there is a delete button”, you can customize user roles if you are an admin. We offer very flexible ways to administrate your users. You can give them a lot of freedom and can still be restrictive about certain things that matter to your company.

I suggest you to create a new role and leave “delete” alerts as unchecked if possible. The main reason is once you delete alerts, you loose very important data that will help you improve your operations in many ways (I understand you realize that but still, I wanted to add this).


I think it will probably work. I’ll look into it.

On the feature request route, I was just talking to one of your support team who is opening the request now. I think it would be a more obvious route for users than to go through setting up different permission from the out of the box experience.


The out of the box experience is actually without the delete action. Only global Admins and the account Owners can see and execute the delete action through the interface. The number of users with these roles should be as low as possible, as they have the highest level of access for any configuration.

It is not recommended to give Admin rights to everyone. Assigning a ‘User’ role (or a customized user roles) to the majority of the users is the recommended way. The team segmentation feature set will provide enough flexibility for the team admins to manage their own on-call for their own teams, without endangering the rest of the global configuration.