Modify alert priority



We started a trial today. Essential for beginning. We receive alert from grafana but we are unable to fix another priority than the default (p3). We tried custom priority in the alert definition with this syntax: {{ description.extract(/P1/) }}. It doesn’t work as a custom propertie with the same capture is ok. What’s wrong??


Hi @ptitlusone,

Are you trying to set a “static” priority value, or trying to extract a custom value from the incoming payload? If the latter one, it might not work well with the Grafana integration. It’s based on our Generic API, so we don’t parse the payload - it is arriving in the prepared format already.

If you are trying to set a static value for all alerts, that should be achievable easily!

Alternatively, feel free to open a chat conversation with our support team, would be happy to take a more detailed look!


Thanks Daniel,

Static option works well.
I try to extract the priority string from the payload. The string P1 is in the description of grafana.
We saw a default priority “P3” in the opsgenie logs however there is no option in grafana to customize this flag.
With prometheus for example, it’s implemented and work fine.

I will be thinking of chat option the next time.