Jira Service Desk Warning


I’m in the process of setting up the integration between OpsGenie and Jira Service Desk (Cloud) and seem to have the two way communication nailed in that:

  1. OG will create a ticket in Jira for a new alert
  2. Comments in Jira get back to OG as notes
  3. Notes in OG get back to Jira as comments
  4. Ack’ing the alert in OG adds a note (see comment below)
  5. Closing the alert in OG resolves the ticket in Jira

A few comments though:

  1. From what I understand if there is a required field in Jira then OG cannot create requests? We are planning to make component selection mandatory so this could be a problem
  2. If I change the status of the ticket in Jira to say pending, is it possible to get OG to set the alert to acknowledge? Or will I need create a new transition in Jira?
  3. Despite the two way comms appearing to work, I get the error below in Jira ticket view, any ideas what could be causing this?



Hey Phil, I’ll try my best to help you with this.

  1. I didn’t get what you mean by this. Can you elaborate more? What do you mean by “if there is a required field in Jira then OG cannot create requests”?

  2. The answer is Yes! :slight_smile: In the integration’s page, you can select the advanced tab and from there you can create a new “Acknowledge alert” rule for only “pending” tickets.

  3. I can only guess. This seems like there is either no integration defined on JSD side or there is a misconfiguration. Would you be able to view the integration page in JSD?

Thanks, hope this helps.