Issues with notifications on Android 9


I’m having issues with different notification categories in Android 9. In the app’s sound menu, I have a category for “high priority new alert” and “low priority new alert”. These are set to two different sounds. When I click these settings it takes me into the Android settings app, and I see that there’s a high priority and low priority page with different sounds set.

However, when I get high priority notifications, the default sound plays. Also, when I go into “notifications” for the OpsGenie app via Android App Settings page, the “High Priority” notification type does not exist in that view. I also found that if I click into “high priority” through the app and change something, it doesn’t save. So somehow this phantom “high priority” category is seen by the app but it’s not actually available/respected.

Does anyone know of a solution to this?


Hi @ctrlaltdel121,

Thanks for getting in touch with us! Can you share the version of the application (opsgenie) you are currently using? We will try to recreate the same behavior.


Looks like it’s version 2.4.5.

My notifications page looks like this:

If I click on high priority I go into the notifications page for “high priority”:

But then the different sound doesn’t play for high-priority alerts. If I go into notifications through android settings, I see most of my notification rules but not “high priority”:



Can you please share your registered email through our support chat or directly through the contact us page, so we can investigate, why this might be happening? I couldn’t recreate the same issue on my Android 9.

Please refer to this thread when opening the support case.