iOS Notification is disable now


I updated iOS 11.1.2 on iPhone7 plus. And I cannot receive all notification on iPhone 7plus.

I checked following :

  • notifications which included budge sound banner were allowed.
  • re-login OpsGenie
  • restart iPhone7plus
  • update OpsGenie app

Please tell me how I can fix this problem.


Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out, and I’m happy to help troubleshoot the notifications issue with your iPhone 7 Plus.

If you haven’t yet, please take a moment to review our troubleshooting document. I have a few follow up questions relating to this:

  • Can you confirm that the Alert Style is set to either “Banner” or “Alerts”? I believe your first bullet indicated that “Banners” are enabled but I wanted to confirm.

  • Please confirm that your device is listed as a Contact Method from the My Profile Page > Notification tab in OpsGenie, and that your New Alert Notification Rules in OpsGenie are enabled and include a rule for Mobile

  • Please try creating a test alert and confirm that the alert logs show that a mobile notification was sent to your device.

  • if the logs show that a notification was sent, but was not received by your device, please follow the additional troubleshooting steps listed in the doc.

  • If the logs do not show that a notification was sent by OpsGenie, I can help troubleshoot the account if you provide your login email address. (You can also reach out to us via in-app chat support or by emailing if you prefer to not share your email on the community forum).

Our mobile engineers are also actively investigating the issue, and any additional details you can provide will help us identify the problem.

OpsGenie Customer Success