Integrations with their own escalations


I have four different API integrations into OpsGenie however they all route through a single escalation. I want to create a unique escalation for each integration (e.g. Pingdom, New Relic, etc. alerts are all treated slightly differently and need different escalations).

I have not found a way to do this. I have added tags the the integrations but I cannot find any where to leverage them. When I create the integration, there is no way for me to tell it to use a specific escalation. Vice versa trying the other way around.

What am I missing here?


Hi Alex,

Thanks for reaching out. You may want to leverage Routing Rules instead of Escalations for your use case. I’m going to assume that these 4 integrations go to the same team.

Within this team, you can create 4 Routing Rules that direct alerts to different escalations/schedules based on the content of the alert (such as the tags).