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We have situations where we need notify and engage different teams for the same outage. However each team shall have its own alert created and close it separately.
We achieve this today by sending the same outage alert to multiple integrators because the Create Alert action creates an alert which also stops the flow - so it does not move on to the next Create Alert action.
Having the simple option to “continue with next” in the “create alert” would allow creation of multiple alerts and assign it to different flows / teams with simplicity.

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Hi Vitaliano!

You’re right, the only ways currently are either having multiple integrations or using a script that clones the alerts for different teams which can be configured for your account, deployed to AWS, and then a Webhook integration would be added inside your account that points to the script in AWS.

But I saw that you mentioned this in our support platform as well to have a visible option, so I’m definitely capturing a request for an option in the integrations UI itself like ‘continue to next’.

Thanks for sharing! Please let me know if you have further questions :slight_smile:



As Gokce mentioned, an alternative approach to solve the problem you describe quickly is to create a custom script that would subscribe to alerts and then create sub alerts per team.
Basic flow would be:

  1. The initial (parent) alert created would list the teams that should be notified independently on a custom field (instead of the teams field), and would have a specific tag (say rootAlert)
  2. Custom script subscribes to the alerts that have the rootAlert tag and then creates subalerts, one for each team listed in the custom field
  3. Each team would be notified independently and as they acknowledge their alerts, a note would be added to the root alert.

We have implemented a similar solution before. If this is a viable option for you, we can look into setting it up. Would that work for your use case?


I would 2nd Vitaliano’s suggestion, this would definitely be useful for us also.


Just an update on this. The new “incidents” in OpsGenie allow notifying multiple responder teams in parallel. Essentially a separate alert is created for each team under the incident. You can contact customer success to get the incident management capabilities enabled to test it on your account.