Integrate many instances of monitoring tools


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I tried to look for an answer on the community page but i was not able to find one. Or at least it did not pop up with the search criteria I used. So here it is:

Assume that i have 4 separate Nagios servers, monitoring different equipment, in 4 different cities. Can i integrate all 4 servers into one Opsgenie instance? It is clear that I could integrate several monitoring tools at once, but what happens when integrating the same tool from 4 different sources.

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Hey Antonios,

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Like you can add several monitoring tools at once, you will be able to add same tool as much as you would like to do - you can assign 4 separate Nagios integrations to 4 different teams. On the other hand, I would recommend you to change Source field, under the advance settings of each integration into a unique Source field: like NagiosV2 Canada, NagiosV2 China and etc.

Recommending this because if you don’t make these changes, when an alert is created in Opsgenie, and when you execute an action such as Acknowledge, Close, each action will be executed for all of your integrations. You could change your Source field in order to avoid this situation.

Hope my answer was helpful, please let us know if there is anything else we could help you with!

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