Incoming Call Routing: Alert the on-call AND send emails to others


Here’s my goal. I want to notify (wake up) the on-call Incident Manager when someone leaves a voice message on our Incoming Call integration AND send an email to all members of the Incident Managers team that points/refers to the recorded voice message. Either task, alone, would be easy to do. I could just notify the on-call Incident Manager via Schedule and Escalation. Or, I could send email to every team member by creating a role for Incident Managers and using a Central Notification Template for that role. But my goal is slightly different: I want to do both. I want all members of the Incident Managers team to get (only) an email that points to the voice recording while, at the same time, I want the on-call member to get an alert via all possible means. If anyone has a suggestion or experience in this area, I would be very grateful to hear from you.
FYI, I send all calls directly to voice mail.