Incoming Call Routing: Alert the on-call AND send emails to others


Here’s my goal. I want to notify (wake up) the on-call Incident Manager when someone leaves a voice message on our Incoming Call integration AND send an email to all members of the Incident Managers team that points/refers to the recorded voice message. Either task, alone, would be easy to do. I could just notify the on-call Incident Manager via Schedule and Escalation. Or, I could send email to every team member by creating a role for Incident Managers and using a Central Notification Template for that role. But my goal is slightly different: I want to do both. I want all members of the Incident Managers team to get (only) an email that points to the voice recording while, at the same time, I want the on-call member to get an alert via all possible means. If anyone has a suggestion or experience in this area, I would be very grateful to hear from you.
FYI, I send all calls directly to voice mail.


Hi, have you found a solution for this case?
I would also send all possible notification to on-call member and only email to the team


@GUParkin you could create a stakeholder user that uses the incident managers team DL email address and send a notification to that address as part of your escalation policy.


Actually you would have to use the services component, not the escalation policy… Still doable though.


First question: are you saying I could use the team list from OpsGenie, rather than creating an external distribution list?


@rcouts Second question: how would I go about using the service component to do this? Can you outline the solution for me/us?


Hi @GUParkin Tere is an alternative that may suit your needs. So in the Forward Call To section in the incoming call integration, have that directed towards your on-call incident manager (either forward it to the schedule he/she is on-call in, or an escalation that points to the incident manager, however you’d like)

To get the emails to be sent to the team members, you can do this via the alert fields section in the incoming call integration. If you scroll down to teams, or recipients, you could add an escalation policy that notifies all members of that team to the recipients. This means, whenever the alert is created via incoming call integration (the alert is where the voicemail will be attached), it will add that escalation policy as a recipient of the alert, so it would notify according to that escalation policy.

With this solution, the team members would receive notifications according to the “New Alert” notification rules in their profile. So they could add a new alert notification rule for a filter like “if message contains Incoming Call, notify via email”.

Let me know if you have anymore questions regarding this solution!



@Samir I’m trying to avoid asking people to program individual rules/filters. The value of OpsGenie is that it automates tasks, so I don’t want to ask people to program rules/filters. There’s also a selfish interest: I would probably be in charge of supporting the change.
The Incident Managers team is dynamic. People come and go. It would be much easier if OpsGenie were to make “email-only” notification a choice in the escalation choices. And use of a drop-down choice would have a lower error rate than asking people to make the changes themselves.
OpsGenie collects email addresses at registration. It has a list of team members. It can send email. It has all the elements necessary to performing this task. Providing this choice would make it easy, fast, and relatively error-free to notify people by email.


@GUParkin understood. My solution was more of a work-around, but definitely still not as smooth as just being able to select an “email only” rule in an escalation policy. We do have a feature request for the ability to specify contact method in the escalation. So you would be able to add a “email all members of the team” in the escalation policy directly. I will add this use-case to that request.


@GUParkin in the Services interface, create a service and filter that will catch all of the emails to which you want your incident manager team to be aware. Create a stakeholder account using the incident manager DL, log in with it and subscribe to the service. That should give them an email notifying them any time an alert matching the criteria in your filter is fired. Stakeholder accounts are license free, but can only subscribe to services… they can’t be used in a normal notification/escalation policy.

Hope that helps!