How to use the OpsGenie Playground?


Welcome to the OpsGenie community and the playground. The OpsGenie playground is a sandbox environment we set-up for you to see how OpsGenie works with other tools such as monitoring, log management, ticketing and collaboration tools.

In the playground, we wired up OpsGenie with other tools so that you can generate real alerts that simulate bringing down services and see the full data flow in this environment.

It's easy to begin.....

  • If you already have an OpsGenie community account, you can simply click on the button below to automatically access to the playground.

  • If you do not have a community account yet, please create one by clicking the “Sign Up” button on the top-right of this page!

We configured real-life scenarios (use cases) in the playground and you can find topics in this category explaining the data flow of each use case in detail. You can discuss the use cases by replying to the topics. You can then go to the playground to walk-through the use cases, yourself, and review the configuration details.

Once you access OpsGenie, you can find a “team” for each use case, and the relevant integrations are added to each team. To observe the data flow end to end, access the user interface for the other tools that are also included in the use case. The links to the relevant products are in the topic describing the use case as well as in the team description in the OpsGenie UI.

A service goes down —> Nagios generates an alert in OpsGenie —> A message is posted to HipChat —> An issue is created in JIRA —> A user acknowledges the alert in HipChat —> The issue in JIRA is updated as well as the event in Nagios —> That service’s status page is updated with the outage.

In the OpsGenie account, your user has read-only admin rights so that you can see all the relevant configuration, and see all the alerts.

Let us know what additional use cases you would like to see in our playground.

Your feedback is always welcome!

You can also watch our DevOps Playground webinar to learn more about the playground!

Use Case 1: OpsGenie + StatusPage + JIRA + HipChat in action!
Use Case 2: OpsGenie + Nagios + StatusPage + JIRA + HipChat in action!
Use Case 4: OpsGenie + Dynatrace AppMon + Slack + Zendesk in action!
Use Case 5: OpsGenie + Datadog + Slack + Zendesk in action!
Use Case 3: OpsGenie + JIRA + HipChat in action!
Use Case 6: MSP Use Case