How to suppress schedule start & end notifications?


I’m new to using the OpsGenie product. I have a call schedule that starts in the evening @18:00 & ends the next day @ 1:00 am. I’m getting reminders (sms & mobile app) from OpsGenie about my schedule starting & ending on a daily basis, which is a bit annoying. Is there a way to suppress them ? Can I just allow one at the start of the week and then at the end of my scheduled week ?
If anyone has implemented something similar, it will be great help if you could share your steps with me. Thanks in advance.


I have found the answer to my question already. For any one else with the same query, please find my solution below.

OpsGenie user’s profile > Notification tab > Notification Rules > Schedule start / Schedule End - here you can apply the settings & restrictions as per your needs .