How to stop sending Acked and Closed notifications



Hello Everyone,
I am new to opsgenie.
Could anyone please guide me on how to stop sending alert notifications for ack and closing alerts in OpsGenie.

I know there are several ways to do this, What is the best practice to do this.

I tried to add a alert policy to the team but not working as it should



Hi @srikanthvamaraju, welcome to OpsGenie!

So, you are on-call and you don’t want to get notifications for ack and close actions, then the correct way to do this is to go to “my profile” menu and select the “notifications” tab. From there, you can determine how you want to get notified for different actions using notification rules. Here is the related doc for more info:

If you are an admin and want to enforce global notification rules for teams, you can also take a look at “Central Notification templates” (


Thank you @serhat for the quick reply. this helped me resolve my issue.
Can we create 2 central notification rules and assign to two different teams. Looks like all the teams are using the rule when i enabled the rule.
I see we can add user types to use this role.


Sorry, I wrote “for teams” for central notification templates. You are right, you can only create these templates for user roles. If you want, you can create specific user roles.


Thats a great idea, Thank you @serhat


Sure, always welcome! Great to have you here!