Filtering Unwanted Alerts


We are new to the system and working to move away from Alert Central. We have an email address that alerts get sent to and now have it forwarded to OpsGenie. The problem is we are getting a lot of noise. Is there a way to auto ignore or delete alerts for specific emails we deem unwanted?


Hey David,

There are actually multiple options. If you would like to fully discard specific emails, I would recommend using the Ignore Rule in the advanced settings of your Email integration.

The flow is fairly straightforward. Any email which is hitting your opsgenie integration address will be evaluated against the rules in the advanced settings in a top-down order.

Since the Ignore rule is on the top, that is the first one to be evaluated. If the incoming email is matching the filters in that rule, will be completely discarded and won’t create an alert at all.

Alternatively - if there are more alerts to ignore then to take action on, you may consider modifying your Create Alert rule to only create an alert if specific conditions are met. It’s pretty much the same - but from a different angle.

Do you think this will solve your issue?


Thank you for your help. Looks like this will work.

Thank you,