Field 'acknowledgedBy' not present from Slack


Hi ,

We use Slack quite heavily in order to confirm alerts for our teams. However when we query APIs alerts who ‘acked’ alert we only see the following ( in alert detail response )
“report”: {
“ackTime”: 18671,
“closeTime”: 23201,
“closedBy”: ""

Is the field ‘acknowledgedBy’ missing from the Slack acked alerts ?


Hi @RafPe,

We will try to test this out soon - can you share, if you are using the “Require matching user” option in your slack integration?


Hi Daniel, unfortunately i do not see Require matching user option in our Slack integrations config options.


I’m not yet sure, how that is possible. Either case - we couldn’t reproduce the error. We’ve tried with OpsGenie users (from slack - same email) and with non-registered emails from the channel - either case, the acknowledgedBy parameter showed up in the response, when using the Get Alert request.

@RafPe, could you open a chat conversation with our support, and refer to this thread? We would like to check on one of your alerts, which is producing such responses - maybe that can help us replicate the problem!