Feature request: make OpsGenie android app page when phone is offline


Sometimes I get accidentally offline and not being able to receive pages when I’m in an area with poor internet connection. I think OpsGenie app should detect that and alert if it happens.


Hi Stefan,

Unfortunately OpsGenie does not have such feature - but I believe you could use a workaround. We support SMS/Voice calls as well, and it is or this particular reason: if your connection fail or the push notification is not delivered for any reason, you can setup your notifications rules to send an SMS a couple minutes later.

That would go through the normal cellular network and you can even acknowledge the alert through SMS.

Do you think that will work for you?


Hi Daniel,
I’m using the Voice call as an alternative mechanism, but there are some problems:

  • when you are offline, sometimes both mobile internet and voice calls are down
  • if voice calls/sms are up and I’m notified in a noisy environment, I can miss the notification. Partly because I’m not using a very obnoxious notification sound for voice/sms as opposed to OpsGenie pages
  • if voice calls/sms are down and you have for example WiFi available, OpsGenie is not resilient to WiFi going down at 3AM in the morning due to some random maintenance by your ISP.