Feature Request: Different notification settings depending on team


I have two different on-call schedules with OpsGenie. For one, it’s business-hours only, and I’m able to see the incidents popping up in slack, or via my email. For the other, it’s 24/7 support and I depend on my phone to wake me up.

I’d like to have two different notification schemes. For the business hours on-call, it’s enough to send me email, update app, etc. For the 24/7, I really do need the actual voice call, since the ping is not enough to wake me up. But I don’t want to be phoned for every day-time incident when I’m on the other schedule.

Can we get a way to fine-tune the notification preferences, depending on what team the alert is being sent to?


Hi there,

You could do this by assigning a different tag and then in the Notification Rules for each person set the notification style/behaviour depending if the alert has the relevant TAG in it.
Does this help?

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I see now the filtering of alerts by tag feature. Tagging itself won’t help (since I’m not the one generating the alerts), but I might be able to do something with the filtering with team. It’ll take some experimentation, but this should help. Thanks.


I have exactly the same problem and find unfriendly to setup it for each person.

Please have a look to the question How to setup a recursive procedure? which target exactly the same goal.

I hope this helps.
Michelle please keep me posted.

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Hi Michelle,

For your personal profile, you can use Notification Rules to fine tune how you’re notified in different scenarios.

Depending on your plan, one option available to apply this across an entire team or schedule is Central Notification Templates.

This would allow you to fine-tune the actual notification methods for an entire group of users. You can include filters based on Team, Tag, Keyword, Priority, etc. the same way you do with your personal notification rules. Both of these are essentially the same solution, just with a different scope for which users it will be applied to.