Feature Request: Alert count within a time interval



Very shameful, a very basic feature is missing from Opsgenie.


Hey Shahi,

Can you briefly describe, what you are exactly missing? Are you trying to get notifications only if the alert count reached X in Y minutes?


I’m also looking for this feature. Basically, if an alert comes in once… I want to be notified. Additionally if an alert comes in X times in Y minutes, I only want to be alerted once. Not X times in a row, which happens sometimes. It’s quite annoying to ack an alert and have it alert you an additional 3 or 4 times due to identical alerts.


Hi Brendan,

I’m still lost - as these features are currently available. Opsgenie deduplicates identical alerts based on the alias field, which can be set dynamically. This means, if an alert is open with a particular alias (subject of the email, of an ID from the monitoring source etc), you’ll get a single alert. Any other occurrence will be only raising the count of the open alert and should not create a new one.

Additionally, notification policies does have the feature to notify you only, if a particular alert appeared X times in Y minutes.

Do you need help setting this up?


Yes please. Can I open a chat with you?


Sure - can you please head over to the support chat and link this conversation? The team will be able to walk you through the details for sure!