Export On-Call Schedule


How do I add my OpsGenie calendar to my native iOS calendar or to another external calendar?


Hi there!

Here are the steps to subscribe to a cal and have it in google/native IOS or another external calendar.

First, you need to go to the schedule you wish to subscribe to, then locate the calendar icon. When you click on the calendar icon, it’ll open up in your iCal with a link (otherwise it provides you with a link on the spot). Then hit subscribe. This would have to be done on your mac/computer.

Or if you want to export it to another online call like gmail. --> Copy the entire link then go back to your Gmail/iCal and then go to “other calendars” and click on the drop down menu and select “add url”. Paste the URL in there and hit enter. It should load the schedule.

FYI - Google controls when to update the schedule within the gmail cal. So if a schedule is updated in OpsGenie, it may not be immediate. Similar steps can be taken if you are using outlook or another email/cal provider.