Escalation Policy to a Second Rotation


If I have 2 rotations (e.g. Alpha and Beta), is it possible to create an escalation policy where if the current person who is on-call from the Alpha rotation cannot be reached, the person on-call from the Beta rotation is alerted next instead of the next person from Alpha rotation?


Hi Chris,

Rotations are only layers on the on-call schedule. Whoever is on-call, regardless of the rotation is notified and there is no way to target the specific rotation to be notified through the escalation policy.

What you are looking for is a multi-schedule setup. Teams can have multiple schedules. In your case, you could move your Alpha and Beta rotations to separate schedules and target the appropriate schedule through the escalation steps.

Do you think that could work for you?


I think that could work. I’ve setup something similar and will try it out. Thanks, Daniel.