Error Message When Resolving Alert


We’re just starting out with OpsGenie as a replacement for PagerDuty and loving it so far but have hit an issue with resolving alerts.

Using the email integration and a unique reference within the body of the mail we can create an alert no problem but when we send the resolved email we’re getting the following error in OpsGenie:

The end result is the alert is not resolved. We have the same Alias string set in the open and close alert as {{ message.substringAfter(“storeId:”) }}

It’s going to be something simple but I’m not sure what. Any help would be appreciated…


Hey Phil,

Welcome to Opsgenie!

The error you are seeing means that the string processing method didn’t find anything matching in the message. I’m blind over here, but I would check these:

1.) Check the alias on the generated alert. Did the substringAfter method work there properly? (if not, you would see a unique id as the alias)

If no: 2.a.) Check the email and the string you are looking for. Important to note that it’s case sensitive, so it it was storeID: or StoreId, your method won’t work.

If yes: 2.b.) Then there is a problem with the received email. It must be, that the content is not similar to the create alert request - so it might have an empty body, etc.

I’m fairly confident that the solution will be 2.a though, and probably you missed a letter. :slight_smile: Happens with me all the time!

Ping us through the in-app chat if this haven’t solved it! :+1:


Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the reply! In the Alias ID row for the alert I see a long random string and not the unique ID sent in the body of the email. Does OpsGenie convert the ID we send to a unique string?

Many thanks,



Hey Phil,

No - that’s when the alias is empty. It means my assumption was correct and we couldn’t parse out the string even when the alert was created - and not just when you were trying to close it.

Can you check the email you’ve sent to the integration, and check on that “storeId:”? Especially check on the upper case lower case problem I mentioned before.


OK perfect, it was a case issue on the unique ID. I now have a slightly different problem :wink:

The alias is now being picked up but it’s also parsing everything after the ID. I guess I can use the substringBetween(String from, String to) command but this will mean surrounding the ID correct? What if I had a string that I want to add as a tag as well to the body? Would I need to use different characters?

In other words lets say I have this in the body of the email:

Location:New York

and I want to set a tag to the Location string and the alias to the storeId. I’m guessing I would have to change my email alert to:

<location>New York</location>

and then use:

{{ message.substringBetween("<location>","</location>") }} to grab the location for the tag and {{ message.substringBetween("<storeid>","</storeid>") }} for the alias.

Does that sound correct or is there an easier way?

Thanks in advance!


I answered my own question, that worked perfectly…


Glad to hear that it’s working! :slight_smile: Let us know if anything else comes up!