Email/Notify all users on call



Is there a way of notifying all users currently on call in all team by email and/or notification, this is to make them aware that there is an ongoing issue and update.




Hi Martin,

The system is designed around Teams. Each team has its own rule set (who and when should be notified if there is an alert created for the team) and that is what you should utilize in such scenarios as well (well, one of the ways).

You could use the ‘Create’ option on the Alert Dashboard and simply create an alert. You could add all the impacted teams to the Teams: parameter. This way, the alert will notify all teams based on their own rules, and possibly their escalation policies are executed.

Now, if you don’t want to escalate, just want to ping the on-call people, you could add the schedules as a recipient, but I suspect that will be more difficult as Teams are allowed to have multiple schedules and should be hard to know which one is the currently active schedule.

Alternatively, you could use our new Incident Response Orchestration feature set and create an incident. Any teams added to the incident will receive their own alert about the issue and a status page is also updated. However, this is an account-wide feature and it might require approval from the Owners to use this one.

Does this help?