Deleting a user without messing up the on-call schedule?



We recently had a colleague that left our team. We’ve previously removed a team member from the rotation and this made the on-call schedule jump around quite a lot for everyone. Is it possible to remove a team member without having the schedule being shuffled? We’d prefer to not shuffle around the on-call schedule during summer holidays.



Hi Jens,

Whenever you are deleting a user, the system requires that you remove him/her from escalations and schedules. This is to ensure someone is on-call during the deleted user’s shifts.

Depending on where the user is located in the ‘list of participants’ in the Rotation Settings, the future on-call schedule will be modified upon removal. There are two options here:

1.) If you don’t want anyone on-call during those times, you can simply add the dummy user “No-One” to the exact place in the participant order, from where you are removing the user.

2.) If you do want someone on-call during those periods (I believe you do), instead of removing the user, you can replace her with someone else. That way, for the rest of the participants, the future on-call rotations stay the same.

An on-call schedule is rotating a predefined set of participants based on a custom logic - removal will always impact the future on-call shifts. Otherwise, there would be gaps.

Does this help?


Hey Daniel,

Your answer helped immensely. Thanks!



We faced the same issue when removing one of our colleagues who left the team. I would like to suggest a feature here that maybe of help in this scenario (as well as a few other cases).

When a user is editing a rotation, it would be really helpful if UI shows an overlay of the last saved rotation configuration against what the user is now editing. This will allow the user to compare his/her changes while adding/removing a participant (or any other changes) to the rotation. This will reduce the chance of user making a rotation change that was not expected.

Currently, in the middle of editing a rotation, it has hard to remember what the rotation looked like before we started editing it. I end up opening same schedule in different tabs and keep switching tabs back and forth while updating rotations. This feature will make editing rotations much simpler and save a lot of time.