Delay in Opsgenie email and text alerts



Hello All,
OpsGenie sends email and text notifications 10 minutes after the alert is generated in OpsGenie portal.
Is there any way to send the email and text alerts as soon as the alert is generated on OpsGenie Portal.

I am sure this can be managed in OpsGenie.
I am new to OpsGenie can anyone help me with this


Hi Srikanth,

There are multiple configurations which could cause that 10 minute you are experiencing. You’ll need to do a bit of digging the identify where, but I can certainly give you some pointers. Check the alert’s Activity Log tab to find the reason.

Two most popular mistakes/misunderstandings:

1.) Team settings - most importantly escalations. Inside OpsGenie, teams are a combination of routing features. An alert will notify the users in an order, according to the escalation policy in your target team. Just to give you an example: if your escalation policy is pointing to you at the 10 minute mark, your notifications will be coming at that time as well.

Make sure you check your Routing Rules - Escalation Policy timings and your schedule.

2.) Notification Rules. Each User has a set of rules under their profiles. The “New Alert” notification rule is the one which is executed when the team logic is pointing to a user. If that does not have an immediate notification step, that would explain the delay as well.

Additionally, there are some advanced options to delay notifications for alerts - but I’m positive it should be one of the above.

If you share an alert through our support chat, we can take a look as well!


Thanks for the quick response @Daniel
This is helpful.