Closing alerts automatically when the recovery alert is received


We have an alert that happens infrequently that is often self correcting.
Is it possible with policies to close both alerts when the second one arrives?


Hi Tony,

Not sure we understand the case. Do you mean that there is an alert open in the system and when it recovers, another alert is created (for the recovery message)? Or do you mean that there are multiple alerts about the same problem, but only one is closed by the automatic close action?


Hi Daniel

This is correct, and once the recovery alert is created I would like both alerts (initial alerts & recovery alert) to close.


Oh, I see - the default behavior in OpsGenie is, that we won’t create a separate alert for the recovery message, we will just close down the alert (if we can identify it). Our integrations framework has a Close Alert rule in the Advanced Settings. If you set it up in a way, that it is triggered when the source system sends the recovery message, it will close down the open alert with the appropriate Alias.

I would suggest opening a chat conversation in the application with our support - we can take a look at the type of the integration you are using.

Alternatively, you can read this article about the Email integration and how you can set up a recovery logic: