Can a stakeholder request and update



Is there way an stakeholder can request an update by replying to a notification?


Hi @spyfly. Stakeholders can only receive notifications for incidents in which they are added to, or for incidents that occur on services they are subscribed to. There isn’t a way to request an update on an incident if the stakeholder receives a notification. However, they could login to Opsgenie and view the service to see the status of an incident.


Hmm… Odd ok, you think that would be a feature so that stakeholders can request an update… I mean they can do that with email if the feel an incident is not being worked to their standards


@spyfly At the moment, stakeholders will also receive notifications to updates on the incident, without having to “request” An update. Would this be what you’re looking for?


@Samir basically we would like a way for a stakeholder to request an update if they feel it has been to long without and update…
example internet goes down and no update has been sent for over an hour, the stakeholder could request an update.

currently we do this with email… send out an incident email and a stakeholder can reply to that email and request and update


@spyfly Yeah currently it’s not possible, but I can enter a feature request for this ability. Right now In the incident template, you have the option to “notify the stakeholders with status page entry updates” this will send out notifications about updates to the incident whenever a new update is available. More information is found on that here



I think you don’t necessarily need a technology solution here. Your organization should establish a cadence for updates depending on the priority of the incident. The responding team should be trained on what is expected of them, and if they violate that policy and don’t update on time, its tracked and can be improved upon.

The problem with ad-hoc requests for updates from stakeholders is that it will distract your responders from fixing the issue. I think its better to agree on a cadence for updates, and stick to that.