Autotask PSA - email integration two way



The Autotask integration in OPSGENIE isn’t worth to title it an integration. Better use the email-parser!

But HOW can i send back emails to autotask (alerting system). So i can use a two way communication and send back if someone accepts an alert?



Hi Kai,

Yeah…that integration is indeed not the best, we’ve prepared it quickly for a specific case not that long ago. In the meantime, we are trying to work on a bi-directional, more robust integration but we had problems getting access to an instance until now - and it’s still pending on the Autotask side.

I’m positive we will get this done fast, once the access is granted. As an alternative solution, if you could grant access to a dev instance or something similar to your environment, our engineers could kick-off the work and deliver a better one faster. Is that possible/would you be interested?

Apologies for the inconvenience!



Hi Daniel.

Yeah. If interested, i will help you with a demo account and our productive environment.

What do you need? I will help directly.



That’s awesome, thanks for the help! I’ll loop in the integrations team and send you an email shortly with the details!

Thanks again Kai!