Any way to assign alerts to a different team?


Hey there, I tried a forum search and was a bit surprised I couldn’t find anything specific to this (maybe I’m doing it wrong?)

I would think this would be a fairly common use case… if a team gets an alert, and after a quick glance, determines it’s better handled by a different team, I can’t see any way of assigning that alert to a different team. Right now you’d have to figure out who is on call for another team, then assign it manually to that person.

This is pretty standard functionality (certainly PagerDuty allows you to do this easily on both app and website).

Is this doable in OpsGenie or at least in the roadmap?


This would be done using the “add team” action. You would execute the action for the alert and then select the team from the drop down.



Thanks for the response @berkay but this doesn’t quite achieve what I need, which is to completely re-assign the ticket to another queue so it no longer shows up in ours.

Actually, “add team” would probably work okay if there was a way to remove our team from the alert as well, but I’m not able to figure that out. Basically what happens now is, you add another team… and two things happen that we’d rather not happen:

a) If the new team sets the alert to open again or does not respond in a timely fashion, our team gets alerted too. We don’t want this behavior. We want to fully pass ownership over to the new team and stop getting alerted.
b) Our open alert queue gets cluttered with all the tickets we have tried to pass off on the other team.

Is there a way to remove our team from the alerts?


I see. Unfortunately, I don’t think it is possible to remove a team from an alert in OpsGenie.
A workaround for the alert list clutter would be to tag these alerts and filter them out in alerts view using a saved filter.
You may want to open this as a feature request with OpsGenie customer success team.


Hi Steven!

This is Andrew from the Customer Success team - we monitor the Community forum as well, and I’m happy to submit this feature request to our Product team, to allow for the ability to remove a team from an alert. I will be sure to follow up with you here when any updates are made available.

Thank you for the feedback!



Thank you @AndrewRice . I think the preferable thing (which I’ve heard others ask about) is simply to be able to reassign an alert to a team/escalation, similar to how you can reassign to a single person.

Being able to remove a team also works but is a bit more work (though it would still be helpful.)




We would like this feature in our instance too, we have been asking for it for a loooong time now. It would be good to see some progress on this request.



I am in a similar situation. It’s a rare situation but it would help to be able to do this.

+1 on that feature request.



Is there any news on where this feature request (reassigning an alert to another team) is? Has it been accepted? Planned?

As a side note ‘Add Team’ is not available in the mobile app neither. This Reassign to Team if it does see the light would definitely have merit in being in there as well.


Thanks for the support everyone, definitely still want to see this. Having switched from Pagerduty this is by far the most common complaint from our end users. :frowning: