Android 9, Work Profile, and OpsGenie in DND mode


Hello, I have an Essential PH1 running Android 9.0, with OpsGenie app v 3.0.2. I have the OpsGenie in a Work Profile due to the fact we use Google as a SSO to authenticate with OpsGenie; it requires a Google login using my work account, so I can’t install OpsGenie outside of my work profile (where my work google/GSuite account is not available. My OpsGenie account seems fine as it works through the web interface fine, as well as with my previous mobile device (with no Android Work Profile, nor with Android 9)
My issue is that I can’t seem to get through the Sounds/DND settings in my setup. In the OpsGenie “Sounds” menu, when I toggle the “always play opsgenie notification sounds at maximum…”, there’s a popup permission request to “Please grant OpsGenie permission to modify your Do Not Disturb settings”. When I do that, I’m taken to the “Do Not Disturb access” Android menu, where other Google services appear but not OpsGenie. I don’t see a way to get OpsGenie onto the DND access list.

Has anyone else had this issue and know how to resolve?
Thanks in advance, Jeff


This does have to do with OpsGenie + Android Work Profiles. I deleted my “work profile” and added in my work Google account manually, and then OpsGenie can make changes to DND settings.
Unfortunately, I’m now violating my corporate policy for doing it this way. What’s the given method for getting OpsGenie support to log a request ticket?