Alert sounds on Huawei running EMUI 8.0


Hi there,

I am having problem setting a custom sound on a Huawei P10, running android 8 and EMUI 8.0. We are testing the product for the On-call team, this feature is important to us, as the alerts should have a different sound than standard.
There is no option in UI to set custom notification sounds for the app.
On PagerDuty mobile app we are able to set custom notification sounds.

Any suggestions ? Or do you plan a fix for letting custom sounds as an in app option for the Android mobile app ?



Hey Mytza! We do have an option to change notification sound for different alert actions. You can refer to this page:
Does this help?


Hi Mihai,

As Serhat mentioned - on the usual Android distributions (after Oreo) the sound can be selected in the Settings >> Apps and Notifications >> OpsGenie menu. Now this might be different on your Huawei phone though. Unfortunately we lack a huawei device for testings, but I think this should give you enough to start looking for the option?

You might need to use Google to figure out how to upload a custom sound file to your phone. After that, it should show up on the list as an available ringtone. (at least it does on my device with stock android)

Hope this helps!



I already tried everything before posting here :slight_smile:. I saw the article in the documentation, and also tried to google. Unfortunately by clicking on sound settings it takes me to notification management which in case of Huawei, there is no option to select custom sound.



Hey Mihai,

Just checked a device with EMUI 7 (?), so a bit older. When I clicked on the sound in the Opsgenie/My Profile/Sounds menu, it shows me the list of available ringtones. I think somewhere in the folder structure there must be a notifications or ringtones folder, as other android devices. Can you check for that? Copying an mp3 there should make the newly added sound visible on the panel I was seeing before.

I’m completely guessing though based on the experience with other devices.



So ichecked this, it takes me to notification management.
Simillar to:

Here is the screenshot with the options:

As you can see there is not option to set custom notification sound.




Comming with an update. I installed an app called Activity Manager:

And from there you can launch elevated settings for the App notification settings, from there you end up in the menu:

Now the option to select custom sound is there.

This is really weird decision from the Huawei UI team.

Thanks for all the support, i leave this here maybe someone will need this.



Hey Mihai,

Thanks a lot for sharing the solution! :+1: Great workaround!