Alert Dashboard Creation


Hey everyone,

Recently some users have been interested in creating an alert dashboard to view alerts. I have seen a custom one here . Any other similar set-ups ?


Did you find some other “nice” dashboard? This solution looks a little bit outdated.


Hey Sven,

No, unfortunately this is still the best solution around for a real-time dashboard. What you are trying to achieve? Is it something for a TV in the office, or you are looking for metrics? We have Looker dashboards embedded into the OpsGenie accounts - that means, we do have the ability to create custom ones for you. That might not cover the real-time category, but if you are looking for metrics, it might fit!

Alternatively, our API does have all the information. A bit of tweaking around, and you can collect your own data and visualize it with whichever BI tool you have access to - I’ve seen pretty cool dashboards with Tableau for example on the large TV. We also have customers with custom maps which are showing problematic regions based on real-time alert data through the API.


Hej @Daniel thank you for the information.
I’m currently searching for a solution for our OfficeTV. The “normal” Website would be also working, but closed alert won’t disappear until we make a full reload of the website.


Understood - we will try to tackle the alert dashboard refresh this year! I do have a rather inelegant workaround for that as well - there are some chrome plugins which can force a refresh periodically. I’ve tried this some time ago and was working well! Do you think you could use something similar? Just google autorefresh extension - there are multiple free ones. I know it’s ugly, but hey - if it works… :slight_smile: