Administration Permissions without viewing all issues


Is there a way or a feature on the roadmap to change the permissions model so that a user can be given administrative permissions without being able to view all issues? When I tried to create a custom role earlier, I was notified that this wasn’t possible.

The use case for something like this is one team’s alerts contain confidential information. I don’t want to give other administrators or owners access to that information; however, I do want them to be able to administer the system. I would rather have that specific team access to view the information specific to their team.


Hi @aworrell Could you share more about which permissions you want the user to have? We do have team-based roles as well which you can access from the teams tab. So here, you could make a user a “team admin”, which would allow he/she to make configuration changes regarding the specific team. So they could edit any integrations assigned to that team, the schedules, escalation policies, schedules etc.

Is this the kind of “administrative permissions” you’re looking for without having access to all teams alerts/incidents? Please let me know if you have any further questions.